Jed Dodd response

It was very therapeutic for me to read this analysis about our failed efforts to build a Labor Party. The decision to discontinue our efforts to build a Labor Party, while a correct one and dictated to us by the circumstances, was still a very bitter pill to swallow. It was also very sad. We valiantly, and vainly, attempted to build a new, anti-corporate, anti-capitalist party to advance the material, spiritual and class interests of American workers. Our governing bodies authorized the use of substantial organizational resources in a strong show of support for this cause. The allocation of resources in any Union is always a political decision and for this effort the support, in our union, the Pennsylvania Federation BMWED – Teamsters, was unanimous. The need for an anti-capitalist Labor Party has in no way diminished, rather as Sister Isaac and Brother Dudzic have correctly pointed out, the collapse of this effort directly paralleled the crushing of the last gasp of labor movement militancy in the late 1990s and early part of this century. READ THE FULL RESPONSE

2 thoughts on “Jed Dodd response

  1. As a long time member, when you were collecting dues , I would like to say we need to start organizing! I would love to belong to a labor party again. I think the time is right as the Repugnant party is declining and needs to be replaced. Hopefully by the Democratic Party. I would like to see us join the European Labor Party because see we would automatically be members of a large group. Look we are badly out numbered by anti-union people in this country and we need all the help we can get but the hispanics give me a glimmer of hope since the ones I’ve see have union blood in their veins and their numbers have increased as you saw in the last election. We also need to embrace the Hispanics because they want to be union. Also we might get some assistance from Canada’s unions. Think big! We haven’t done that! Look. we are in the majority when you look at the world but not in this country
    And, we need help from our union brothers and sisters out side of this country to help put a tiger, yes I said tiger and not a pussy cat, on the beach of the USA!


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